Why I use Artificial Orchids

We’re in the midst summer and a heat wave, there has not been much rain at all. The garden is slowly being leeched of all its life, despite my continuous nurturing and watering, taking up so much of my time. Over the years, I have learnt ways and means of managing this to ensure I am still able to enjoy my garden.
In particular, this year I have noticed my Orchids are really suffering, which is such a shame because an Orchid can add so much to any home, such a contemporary and stylish look. I have started to integrate artificial orchid stems into my home when my orchids at home have died, I simply stick a couple of stems into the pot and it is instantly brought back to life! It has saved me so much time and effort and allows me to enjoy my orchids even when they are not surviving the harsh conditions!
Alongside this simple hack I love to use artificial potted orchids in my home, there leaves are so realistic and waxy to touch, the flowers are made of a real touch fabric meaning they are just like the real thing. By integrating these artificial orchids into my home I am able to save time to enjoy the outdoors and summertime and I can leave all of my beautiful flowers and plants alone in the garden, allowing me to enjoy my indoors and outdoors equally! 
- Alex

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