Using Real Magnolia Foliage in your Arrangements

Artificial flowers have become a very cheap option when compared to real flowers, however not everyone has an endless budget to create the arrangement of their dreams. One good tip to bulk up an artificial flower arrangement and make it that extra bit realistic is to integrate real magnolia foliage from your garden in with your artificial flower stems. The majority of our stems are water resistant meaning you can put water into your vase for that extra real touch!

Another benefit of magnolia foliage is its lifespan, foliage can last for months if in the right conditions and it is one of the foliage’s that doesn’t change the colour of the water very quickly. Magnolia foliage looks fantastic with a large variety of artificial flowers, primarily those with longer stems. In particular we love to mix magnolia foliage with of course artificial magnolia blooms, Rubrum Lilies, English cabbage roses and cymbidium orchids.  


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- Alex

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