Severe Storms and Cold weather Cause Damages to Fruits and Vegetables

When you are having guests over or simply trying to create a loving and welcoming environment, it is the little things that help to polish the overall feel. For example having a bowel of fruits and vegetables on the table or in the kitchen can create a very homely and loving environment. However there can be a few issues when purchasing fruits and vegetables in the winter.

Firstly not all fruits and are available all year round, and if they are available in the cooler months they are usually frightfully expensive.

The artificial variety is very reasonably priced and there are many different types of artificial fruits and vegetables to keep it interesting. Secondly it can cost a lot of money to constantly replace the fruits and vegetables weekly, especially a quantity large enough to make a statement in a fruit bowl.

In the winter time the warmer indoors due to central heating can make the fresh produce ripen very quickly, this can again become very expensive.

It is much more effective to keep the majority of the fresh fruits and vegetables in the refrigeration and use artificial fruits and vegetables for display. You can get lemons, oranges, eggplants, capsicums and many others giving you plenty of options.

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- Alex 

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