How to choose the perfect sized vase for your Artificial Flower Arrangement

Artificial flowers have become more and more popular in home decorating. However, some people do have issues when it comes to finding the perfect vase for their arrangement. We have not yet discussed how to display your artificial flower arrangements and how to choose the perfect sized vase. In our previous blog we touched base with the different styles of vases and in the following we shall look at vase shapes and size. 

Vase Shapes:

Column Square:

A straight sided vase or pot with no narrowing, this type of vase looks fantastic with large collections or artificial flower stems. All stems must be of similar lengths to ensure they are all positioned correctly. ‘


The fishbowl vases look fantastic with shorter artificial flower stems and can be used to create a more contemporary look. Try to use only a couple of varieties of artificial flowers as this is much more effective. The narrow top allows for the artificial flowers to sit more naturally and you can get away with far less volume. This type of vase creates a rounded contemporary look.


The cylinder vase is another vase with no narrowing, it is a little less harsh and more natural than the column vase, but looks fantastic with a collection of long artificial flower stems on mass.


Tapered vases are a fantastic option if you are trying to save a bit of money. They have a wide base and a narrow neck meaning you don’t need as many flowers to create a fantastic looking artificial flower arrangement. The narrow neck supports the flowers very well, making it ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to worry and fuss trying to tweak their artificial flower arrangement to perfection.

Flared Vase

This style of vase has a narrow bottom and a wider top and typically looks better with large bunches of flowers. The larger top offers lots of freedom but minimal support. Try using flowers with large heads such as artificial hydrangeas and artificial peonies. ‘

Small Vase:

Smaller vases are ideal for short stem artificial flowers and look great on small tables and in places with a bit less space. They can vary from all of the above varieties.

Choosing the perfect vase size:

The size of your vase is just as important as the style. The size of your vase will vary depending on personal preference however a general rule we like to follow is that the vase should be about ½ to 2/3 the height of the stems. This will give the artificial flower stems plenty of support and show off them off effectively! If you have a vase that is to tall you can always add stones or sand to raise the flowers slightly allowing you to adjust your flowers to the perfect height. Some vases will be more impressive than others so you need to decide whether you want to highlight your vase or flowers more!

Other Tips:

If you have a set budget or want to give your artificial flower arrangement that extra special touch, we have a few tips for you. Firstly, if you want to save money, you can simply bulk up your arrangements with fresh foliage from the garden such as eucalyptus or magnolia leaves. These varieties are great because they last for weeks and do not discolour the water! The majority of our stems are waterproof meaning you can add water to the vase to give your arrangement that extra realistic touch confusing everyone! You can also adjust the height of your stems by cutting them with wire cutters to make them suite the vase.

For more information on selecting the perfect vase for your arrangement check out our blog on different vase styles

- Alex


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