Decorating with Magnolias

Magnolias have been a favourite for many years, they are elegant and make a fantastic touch to any home. However, magnolias can be expensive and are not readily available for most of the year, the flowers bloom for a relatively short period, and magnolia trees can take many years before they are impressive. Artificial magnolias are some of the most realistic fake flowers on the market, they are becoming increasingly popular and a preferred choice amongst our extensive range.

We have two styles of Artificial Magnolias:

Magnolia Tree Branch

This style of magnolia has no foliage when the flowers bloom, the foliage actually comes out after the flowers have died, this style is more minimalistic and looks fantastic in contemporary homes. It looks fantastic on mass mixed with magnolia buds.



Magnolia bloom with foliage (Magnolia Grandiflora)

This style of magnolia has foliage when the flowers bloom, the leaves are highly realistic and have a textural brown under layer. This style of magnolia is very versatile but looks especially good on mass, you can integrate stems at different stages i.e. magnolia foliage and buds, magnolia blooms etc. To add an extra realistic touch try incorporating real magnolia foliage, and add water to the vase to really trick visitors, see our blog for more tips! You can also integrate linen and green berries with artificial magnolias to add a touch of texture!


Head to our florist’s corner and blog for more tips, or if you would some help fill out a contact form and we will help you as best we can!

- Alex

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