Benefits of using Artificial Flowers in Spring   

Its that time of the year when we have to clean up the household and overhaul the interior décor of our homes. Spring is a beautiful time, the blossoms are out and the fresh floral fragrances, the smell of freshly cut grass and balmy very temperatures. We all love to decorate our home with flowers, to integrate the outdoors and indoors and capture some of those spring vibes. However there are a lot of issues when it comes to decorating with real flowers making artificial flowers a superior choice.

Beat Hay Fever:

Spring is renowned for itchy red watering eyes, sneezing, itchy skin and allergies. Hay fever is an issue that affects many of us and can be incredibly annoying! We have to deal with this issues daily when outdoors, so why bring the outdoors in and suffer 24/7! Decorating with artificial cherry blossoms, artificial lilac and other artificial flowers will give you that spring feel without all the catches!

Dying and Wilting:

A lot of spring flowers aren’t necessarily supposed to be picked. What I mean by this is that they have a very short life span and will wilt, drop flowers and die very quickly. Artificial flowers on the other hand with give you everlasting beauty and save you lots of money!

Good for the Environment:

Just like fresh produce there is a lot of wastage when it comes to using real flowers. Why not save money, time, effort and the environment by sticking to artificial flowers?

Bees and Wasps:

A lot of spring flowers are rich in fragrance and nectar attracting a lot of bugs like European wasps and bees. Who likes having these bugs inside? I know I don’t!

Don’t take away from your Garden!

The majority of spring flowers generally only flower once each year for a limited time. This means that spring feel is only very limited. Why take away from your garden when you can have that spring

Fragrance can cause irritation

Finally, there are a lot of people who don’t actually like fragrances within their home. Artificial Flowers are so realistic and of such a high quality that you don’t require a fragrance to trick your guests! Why not try them out?


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- Alex

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