Styling your Artificial Flower Arrangement

Have you ever considered using artificial flowers instead of real? Even if you’re not 100% keen about the idea there are a few options available to make them look even more realistic. Below are a few tricks you can use to enhance your artificial flower arrangements.

Firstly you can use products such as setting resin to create artificial water in the bottom of vases. This replaces oasis (foam to set flower position) as well as creating a realistic effect in the bottom of the vase. The water sets your fake flower arrangements in place and is highly realistic. It is relatively inexpensive acting as a fantastic alternative to water.

Dodo vine can be used to wind around the stems to visually screen the stems if you so desire. If you are using Oasis (Foam brick) sheets of moss can be used to hide the foam from which you can design arrangements in. They are both very useful tools in artificial flower arrangements. They are relatively inexpensive and are available at Country Accent Bowral.


Artificial stones and real stones can also be used to add height to an arrangement and create interest in the bottom of the vase. They are also useful if you have different length stems as they level your arrangements. Both are relatively inexpensive and are a very popular choice when creating height in your fake flower arrangements.

Another option is to add real foliage to your artificial flowers. Magnolia foliage is a particularly good chose as it does not change the water colour. Another good choice for a native arrangement would be blue gum. Some foliage varieties can last weeks. Other leaves can turn the water brown quite quickly such as Carmelia leaves, they are not ideal if you want a long lasting low maintenance artificial flower arrangement. You can experiment with other foliage’s from the garden as well. The artificial flower stems are waterproof so you can place them in a vase with water. Only use enough water to cover the real foliage stems as water.

On the other hand you could add artificial flowers to real flowers. In particular the Cymbidium Orchids look wonderful. When the real flowers die back you can replace them with the artificial Cymbidium Orchids by sticking the stems into the pot.

Other options include adding a diffuser or candle near your artificial flower arrangement to create a nice fragrance throughout the room. Country Accent Bowral have an extensive selection of diffusers and candles from Glasshouse, Aromatherapy, Ecoya and many more.

As you can see there are many ways to enhance your faux flower arrangements. Country Accent Floral Boutique have recently set up a Florists corner of their webpage where you can post a photo of your space or vase as well as a few preferences and let the specialist team give you ideas!


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February 12, 2017

Hello I would love to buy artificial water in bulk to set artificial floral arrangements in glass vases can you please tell me the name of a crystal clear product giving the impression of water that has uv stabilisers that is frequently used for this purpose to set artificial floral arrangements and where I could purchase this product.
Kind Regards,

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