Why should you make the switch to Artificial Flowers?

Flowers are there to remind us of the natural beauty of our environment, they are the link between nature and monotonous everyday life, helping us escape the daily journey to our city jobs. Who doesn’t love the enchanting fragrance and beauty of a fresh bunch of lilies? The only question is do you choose artificial flowers or real? Do fake flowers still give you that same experience?


I have been working in the artificial flower industry for over 20 years and its becoming more and more apparent that Artificial flowers are becoming a popular choice for weddings, home décor, real-estate showings and functions. They are becoming more and more common in Australia used in artificial bridal bouquets and within artificial flower arrangements for decoration. Some expert interior designers and home decorators find artificial flowers much more appealing. Having over 20 years of experience in the artificial flower industry we have had a lot of negative questions in regards to fake flowers. Below are the top 10 questions we get asked:

  1. Aren’t artificial flower arrangements too expensive?
  2. Don’t fake flowers look unrealistic?
  3. How can silk wedding bouquets look as good as real bouquets?
  4. Will fake flower arrangements have the same effect at my wedding?
  5. Don’t fake flowers look cheap in comparison to real?
  6. Can you mix faux flower arrangements with real foliage?
  7. Aren’t artificial flower arrangements for weddings more expensive?
  8. Can you buy cheap bridal bouquets?
  9. Don’t artificial flowers make fake and cheap wedding bouquets?
  10. Do artificial flower arrangements require much time?




You may have asked one of more of these questions before, I will now go onto show you the reasons why you should make the change:

  1. Maintenance:

Artificial Flowers require very small amounts of maintenance as opposed to real flowers. They don’t need pruning, watering or regular attention. All you need to do to ensure your faux flower arrangements are always looking there best is a wiping and dusting when necessary.

  1. Cost:

Silk flowers are incredibly cheap in comparison to real. You can spend thousands of dollars a year on real flowers only to see them die within the week. Silk flowers are a much cheaper and economical option and create the same attractive ambiance. You need to purchase your artificial flowers from a reputable company to ensure you are happy with the quality.

  1. Quality:

Modern day artificial flowers are of a very high quality. Many varieties offer a ‘real touch’ which mimic the feel of their real counterpart. They will last for years and can be modified and mixed with other fake flowers as trends change.

  1. Climate:

Artificial flowers will not change or die with weather conditions. They are not seasonal meaning you can decorate with any flowers you want. This may be beneficial if you live in a tropical climate and want to display roses or hydrangeas which require a cooler climate.

  1. Transport:

Artificial flowers are very easy to move from room to room or even house to house. No matter the change you can take them with you and restyle them very easily.


Over the past 10 years there has been a big shift in society leaning towards the artificial option. The advances in technology mean they can be produced at such a high quality that it’s incredibly difficult to differentiate from the real version. Regardless of what you choose both will make a stylish and beautiful addition wherever you may use them.

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