Artificial Flower Styling Tips: Artificial Roses

Roses are such a timeless flower and can add greatly to your home. They are such a versatile flower and come in so many colours, varieties and look great year round. You can create a lot of different looks and styles by integrating them with other flowers and foliage or by using different colours and varieties. When decorating with roses the artificial option is becoming a far more popular choice, especially in a society where time is such a valuable commodity. Artificial roses are so realistic these days, so much so that if you had a real and fake one side by side it would be hard to distinguish any difference.


English Cabbage Rose:

Artificial English cabbage roses are incredibly elegant and versatile. They are our most popular rose because of their fullness and realistic finish. You can create a timeless look. . They are available in 5 colours, hot pink, light pink, saffron, white and champagne all with very different uses and styles. They sell for $19.50 a stem making them a very reasonably priced option. Below are the colours and our recommendations when styling:

Hot Pink

    Look fantastic when mixed with light pinks and blues. Blue/grey Eucalyptus leaves and light pink or white wisteria looks fantastic integrated with them. The hot pink English cabbage roses would make a great feature to either a table setting or corner. They look great in a home that needs a hit of colour.

      Light Pink:

        The light pink English cabbage rose is a highly versatile colour. It is very soft and not overpowering making it an ideal choice for both a contemporary and classic look. To create a contemporary look simply integrate it with pink and cream pepper berries, a variety of eucalyptus leaves, Australian flowering eucalyptus and other cream or white roses. They look fantastic displayed in a large rustic pot.


            The saffron cabbage rose is a very popular colour. It looks great displayed In a vase with rose hips and magnolia leaves.


                The white cabbage roses are the most versatile of the lot. They look great in large arrangements mixed with a large variety of flowers. You could create a contemporary look by mixing them with light pink roses and various Australian natives. Or you could create a very classic look by mixing them with garden flowers such as hydrangeas. They also look fantastic on mass in a large pot or vase.


                    The Champagne cabbage roses are very similar to the white, they do have a yellowy tinge making them slightly different. They are very similar to the white cabbage rose when it comes to styling.

                      Austin English Rose:

                      Austin English roses are very similar to the English cabbage roses however they have 2 flowering blooms and two buds. They look great integrated in with the English cabbage roses and are styled very similarly. They are available in Hot pink, Light Pink, Champagne and white and cost $19.50 per stem.

                      York Rose:

                      The York Rose is a very classic rose and looks great mixed with other roses and stems. It is only available in a hot pink, this means it can complement for the hot pink English cabbage rose quite nicely in an arrangement. The York rose is $17.50 per stem.

                      General Tips:

                      When decorating with fake flowers in particular roses below are a few general tips to follow:

                      • Creams and whites are the most versatile flower and can be used to create both classic and contemporary looks.
                      • Roses look fantastic when mixed with other garden flowers and Australian natives particularly blue gum.
                      • The light pink roses are subtle, they look good with blue/greys, creams and whites.
                      • Roses with lots of colour such as the hot pink or saffron look best when displayed with flowers of similar colours.

                      If you are still unsure on how to style with roses head to our styling guide and our team can help you.

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