January 18, 2017


Decorating Tips for Cafes

Being a business owner myself, I realise how difficult it can be to find spare time to do the extra things that improve the overall experience offered to customers visiting my store. Other than working in retail I have worked in hospitality myself for many years when I was younger, Cafes and Restaurants can be incredibly stressful environments. I know for a fact that Artificial Flowers can help save time and money long term which is fantastic for businesses trying to minimise costs yet still providing a fantastic service for their customers. Arrangements don’t need to be big and impressive, it could just be a small piece featured on your tables. Below are some recommendations I have for decorating your café!

Table Decorating:
Succulents are becoming a very popular choice when it comes to interior design, primarily because of their low cost and contemporary look. The artificial succulents we have at Country Accent Floral Boutique are some of the most realistic artificial plants on the market. The leaves are highly textural and the soft muted greens and greys work well in almost all settings. They range from $11.50 up to $45.00, some potted others artificial stems.


Counter Decorating:
Aside from table arrangements some easy options to spruce up your counter would be our range of potted artificial orchids! Again, they integrate very well with the succulents making it the ideal option for decorating your café. The flowers are incredibly realistic with a real touch feel and require minimal attention at all, perhaps the very occasional blow dry (on cool) or dust.

If you are looking at ways to save time and improve the overall appearance of your café, don’t hesitate to contact us at countryaccentfloralboutique@gmail.com!

- Alex 

January 16, 2017


Why I use Artificial Orchids

We’re in the midst summer and a heat wave, there has not been much rain at all. The garden is slowly being leeched of all its life, despite my continuous nurturing and watering, taking up so much of my time. Over the years, I have learnt ways and means of managing this to ensure I am still able to enjoy my garden.
In particular, this year I have noticed my Orchids are really suffering, which is such a shame because an Orchid can add so much to any home, such a contemporary and stylish look. I have started to integrate artificial orchid stems into my home when my orchids at home have died, I simply stick a couple of stems into the pot and it is instantly brought back to life! It has saved me so much time and effort and allows me to enjoy my orchids even when they are not surviving the harsh conditions!
Alongside this simple hack I love to use artificial potted orchids in my home, there leaves are so realistic and waxy to touch, the flowers are made of a real touch fabric meaning they are just like the real thing. By integrating these artificial orchids into my home I am able to save time to enjoy the outdoors and summertime and I can leave all of my beautiful flowers and plants alone in the garden, allowing me to enjoy my indoors and outdoors equally! 
- Alex
September 27, 2016


Benefits of using Artificial Flowers in Spring   

Its that time of the year when we have to clean up the household and overhaul the interior décor of our homes. Spring is a beautiful time, the blossoms are out and the fresh floral fragrances, the smell of freshly cut grass and balmy very temperatures. We all love to decorate our home with flowers, to integrate the outdoors and indoors and capture some of those spring vibes. However there are a lot of issues when it comes to decorating with real flowers making artificial flowers a superior choice.

Beat Hay Fever:

Spring is renowned for itchy red watering eyes, sneezing, itchy skin and allergies. Hay fever is an issue that affects many of us and can be incredibly annoying! We have to deal with this issues daily when outdoors, so why bring the outdoors in and suffer 24/7! Decorating with artificial cherry blossoms, artificial lilac and other artificial flowers will give you that spring feel without all the catches!

Dying and Wilting:

A lot of spring flowers aren’t necessarily supposed to be picked. What I mean by this is that they have a very short life span and will wilt, drop flowers and die very quickly. Artificial flowers on the other hand with give you everlasting beauty and save you lots of money!

Good for the Environment:

Just like fresh produce there is a lot of wastage when it comes to using real flowers. Why not save money, time, effort and the environment by sticking to artificial flowers?

Bees and Wasps:

A lot of spring flowers are rich in fragrance and nectar attracting a lot of bugs like European wasps and bees. Who likes having these bugs inside? I know I don’t!

Don’t take away from your Garden!

The majority of spring flowers generally only flower once each year for a limited time. This means that spring feel is only very limited. Why take away from your garden when you can have that spring

Fragrance can cause irritation

Finally, there are a lot of people who don’t actually like fragrances within their home. Artificial Flowers are so realistic and of such a high quality that you don’t require a fragrance to trick your guests! Why not try them out?


For more styling tips check out our blog, or head to ur florist corner and fill out a contact form.


- Alex

September 17, 2016


Decorating with Magnolias

Magnolias have been a favourite for many years, they are elegant and make a fantastic touch to any home. However, magnolias can be expensive and are not readily available for most of the year, the flowers bloom for a relatively short period, and magnolia trees can take many years before they are impressive. Artificial magnolias are some of the most realistic fake flowers on the market, they are becoming increasingly popular and a preferred choice amongst our extensive range.

We have two styles of Artificial Magnolias:

Magnolia Tree Branch

This style of magnolia has no foliage when the flowers bloom, the foliage actually comes out after the flowers have died, this style is more minimalistic and looks fantastic in contemporary homes. It looks fantastic on mass mixed with magnolia buds.



Magnolia bloom with foliage (Magnolia Grandiflora)

This style of magnolia has foliage when the flowers bloom, the leaves are highly realistic and have a textural brown under layer. This style of magnolia is very versatile but looks especially good on mass, you can integrate stems at different stages i.e. magnolia foliage and buds, magnolia blooms etc. To add an extra realistic touch try incorporating real magnolia foliage, and add water to the vase to really trick visitors, see our blog for more tips! You can also integrate linen and green berries with artificial magnolias to add a touch of texture!


Head to our florist’s corner and blog for more tips, or if you would some help fill out a contact form and we will help you as best we can!

- Alex

August 24, 2016


Using Artificial Flowers for special Occasions.

There are so many special events and occasions over a lifetime that are incredibly memorable. In order to make these times extra special a lot of time and effort goes into preparation and decoration. These events and occasions can be very time consuming and costly, so saving money and effort wherever possible is very important, especially in today’s society. Artificial Flowers can save both money and time making them a very effective and popular choice! Below are some tips and examples for using Artificial flowers at events.


A wedding is a very special point in a lifetime, and requires a lot of effort and preparation to make sure it is a very memorable day. Artificial flowers can be used in many ways at weddings, becoming a very popular alternative to real flowers. They can be used to create magnificent artificial bridal bouquets, impressive table arrangements and in other decorative ways such as wall gardens or decorative arches. There are many benefits when using artificial flowers for weddings and they are as follow:

  1. All flowers can be selected and organised months prior to wedding.
  2. Seasonality of flowers is not an issue as all flowers are available all year round
  3. You can use them for destination weddings, for example a wedding on an island.
  4. They will save you money in the long run. For more tips on saving money when decorating with artificial flowers check out our blog on decorating on a budget.
  5. You can use all flowers after your special event to decorate your home
  6. You can keep your bridal bouquet for years to come to remember your special day



We all love going to or hosting a party. It is nice to decorate your home in such a way that it looks sophisticated and feels welcoming to guests. It’s even more rewarding when people comment on your style and ask where your bought particular home decorating items from. An well styled and effective artificial flower arrangement can add so much to a home and create a welcoming vibe for guests. If you purchase a large selection of artificial flowers you can mix and match and alter arrangements weekly, monthly or whenever you need a change. When you are hosting a party, small changes to your arrangement will attract a lot of attention and add to your home. Try integrating real foliage to your arrangement to give it that extra realistic touch! If you are unsure as to what to buy head to the florist corner and fill out a styling advice contact form!



Christmas is a time of catching up with family and giving. If you are hosting a Christmas party, why not hang an artificial flower wreathe on your door to add a very special touch!

 - Alex


August 02, 2016


Using Real Magnolia Foliage in your Arrangements

Artificial flowers have become a very cheap option when compared to real flowers, however not everyone has an endless budget to create the arrangement of their dreams. One good tip to bulk up an artificial flower arrangement and make it that extra bit realistic is to integrate real magnolia foliage from your garden in with your artificial flower stems. The majority of our stems are water resistant meaning you can put water into your vase for that extra real touch!

Another benefit of magnolia foliage is its lifespan, foliage can last for months if in the right conditions and it is one of the foliage’s that doesn’t change the colour of the water very quickly. Magnolia foliage looks fantastic with a large variety of artificial flowers, primarily those with longer stems. In particular we love to mix magnolia foliage with of course artificial magnolia blooms, Rubrum Lilies, English cabbage roses and cymbidium orchids.  


For more tips on saving money and enhancing your artificial flower arrangements check out our blog!

- Alex

July 31, 2016


How to choose the perfect sized vase for your Artificial Flower Arrangement

Artificial flowers have become more and more popular in home decorating. However, some people do have issues when it comes to finding the perfect vase for their arrangement. We have not yet discussed how to display your artificial flower arrangements and how to choose the perfect sized vase. In our previous blog we touched base with the different styles of vases and in the following we shall look at vase shapes and size. 

Vase Shapes:

Column Square:

A straight sided vase or pot with no narrowing, this type of vase looks fantastic with large collections or artificial flower stems. All stems must be of similar lengths to ensure they are all positioned correctly. ‘


The fishbowl vases look fantastic with shorter artificial flower stems and can be used to create a more contemporary look. Try to use only a couple of varieties of artificial flowers as this is much more effective. The narrow top allows for the artificial flowers to sit more naturally and you can get away with far less volume. This type of vase creates a rounded contemporary look.


The cylinder vase is another vase with no narrowing, it is a little less harsh and more natural than the column vase, but looks fantastic with a collection of long artificial flower stems on mass.


Tapered vases are a fantastic option if you are trying to save a bit of money. They have a wide base and a narrow neck meaning you don’t need as many flowers to create a fantastic looking artificial flower arrangement. The narrow neck supports the flowers very well, making it ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to worry and fuss trying to tweak their artificial flower arrangement to perfection.

Flared Vase

This style of vase has a narrow bottom and a wider top and typically looks better with large bunches of flowers. The larger top offers lots of freedom but minimal support. Try using flowers with large heads such as artificial hydrangeas and artificial peonies. ‘

Small Vase:

Smaller vases are ideal for short stem artificial flowers and look great on small tables and in places with a bit less space. They can vary from all of the above varieties.

Choosing the perfect vase size:

The size of your vase is just as important as the style. The size of your vase will vary depending on personal preference however a general rule we like to follow is that the vase should be about ½ to 2/3 the height of the stems. This will give the artificial flower stems plenty of support and show off them off effectively! If you have a vase that is to tall you can always add stones or sand to raise the flowers slightly allowing you to adjust your flowers to the perfect height. Some vases will be more impressive than others so you need to decide whether you want to highlight your vase or flowers more!

Other Tips:

If you have a set budget or want to give your artificial flower arrangement that extra special touch, we have a few tips for you. Firstly, if you want to save money, you can simply bulk up your arrangements with fresh foliage from the garden such as eucalyptus or magnolia leaves. These varieties are great because they last for weeks and do not discolour the water! The majority of our stems are waterproof meaning you can add water to the vase to give your arrangement that extra realistic touch confusing everyone! You can also adjust the height of your stems by cutting them with wire cutters to make them suite the vase.

For more information on selecting the perfect vase for your arrangement check out our blog on different vase styles

- Alex


July 29, 2016


Choosing the Right Vase for your artificial flower arrangement

When it comes to decorating with artificial flowers it is easy enough to find an arrangement that you love, however finding the perfect vase to match can be quite problematic. I know from experience that many people aren’t very confident when it comes to arranging artificial flowers, so cutting the string holding their arrangement together in the perfect design can be very difficult. Many people want to simply place their artificial flower arrangement in a vase without making any changes to it!

There are many styles of vases, each suitable for different artificial flower arrangements. Vases and containers range from rustic tin buckets to slim column glass vases to a more solid rustic water jug. You can use just about anything as a vase so hopefully you are able to dig up some old glassware or a pot from you home!

Some artificial stems simply do not work with certain vases, this makes choosing the vase very important.

Vase Styles:


Tin is a fantastic option when trying to create a rustic country feel. We recommend using the following combinations when using the tin jug however there are many more options that will look absolutely fantastic! Blue and green hydrangeas, rustic red dried hydrangeas, Australian Natives such as the Eucalyptus leaves and gumnuts, the soft textural dusty miller leaves and finally blue or white pepper berries. For tins with a narrow neck you can get away with a slightly cheaper and smaller arrangement, however tins with a larger neck require much more volume but can be absolutely spectacular!


Rustic Jugs:

Rustic jugs come in a variety of colours, shapes and styles and suite a large variety of flowers. If you are decorating with larger rustic jugs you can use hydrangeas, English cabbage roses, cymbidium orchids or even green foliage. This style of vase is usually used to create a larger more impressive artificial flower arrangement.



Glassware is a go to for most people as it is very versatile and generally people seem to have some form of vase already in their cupboard! There are many different styles and shapes of glass vases each suitable for different flowers. Typically, long narrow vases look fantastic with Rubrum Lilies and green foliage such as the banana leaf. Shorter vases may look good with some calla lilies or hydrangeas. These are only a few suggestions when using glass, check out our Instagram for more inspiration!



There are many different pots available whether it be a rustic rattan pot or a blue ceramic pot. They come in different colours, shapes and sizes meaning it is important to colour coordinate your flowers with your pot. For instance if you were to use a wide and short blue pot, soft blue hydrangeas and eucalyptus tetragona would look fantastic on mass. However if you were to use a taller green pot something like magnolias blooms and magnolia foliage would be much more effective.


Other Tips

When decorating with artificial flowers you can always trim the stems to make them fit certain pots! Another good tip is to integrate oasis or artificial water into your arrangements to keep them set in place!

If you would like to learn more head to our blog page for more tips on artificial flower arrangements! Or if we havn't answered your question simply head to our florist corner and fill out a contact form and we will do our best to help!

- Alex


June 23, 2016


Intensifying Weather Systems destroying gardens

Over the past 2 weeks it has become very evident that the world is becoming a more and more unstable when it comes to the weather. Large Low pressure systems have been wreaking havoc and are damaging gardens and flowers. This can be really tough, because we invest so much time into our gardens and a lot of the time we do not receive what we’re wanting.

Artificial Flower Arrangements and Bouquets

While your garden rests and survives the winter you can use Artificial Flowers to decorate your home and maintain a pleasant and inviting environment all year round regardless of conditions.

A flower arrangement is like an open log fire, or an ambient light, in that it ads so much to a room.The severe weather is also damaging Flower supplies and increasing prices, meaning we cannot have the fresh flowers we want all year round at a reasonable price.

Artificial Flowers AustralianFake flowers do not fluctuate in price greatly which in the long run will save you money.

It is already becoming evident that the range and quality at big chain stores and florists is being affected by these intense weather systems. 

Artificial Flowers look fresh all year round meaning you will not have to worry about this drop in quality or range due to weather conditions. The price of real flowers fluctuates greatly dependent on supply, with worsening weather conditions supplies will be shortened meaning the cost for real flowers will increase substantially.

Who wants to pay top dollar if the product is not of a high quality.

Finally, during the colder months the majority of us use heating to warm up our houses, this heat damages the longevity of the fresh flowers, meaning you will not get nearly as much time out of them.

Artificial Flowers AustraliaThere are a lot of options for home decorating when it comes to artificial flowers. A very in trend and current style is to decorate flowers on mass. For example a lot of stems of one type of flower. These could be artificial hydrangeas, fake autumn leaves, artificial lilies, artificial magnolias or even foliage like blue gum. It can be an incredibly effective and easy option creating a magnificent arrangement to add ambience to your home during the colder more extreme months.

- Alex




June 23, 2016


Severe Storms and Cold weather Cause Damages to Fruits and Vegetables

When you are having guests over or simply trying to create a loving and welcoming environment, it is the little things that help to polish the overall feel. For example having a bowel of fruits and vegetables on the table or in the kitchen can create a very homely and loving environment. However there can be a few issues when purchasing fruits and vegetables in the winter.

Firstly not all fruits and are available all year round, and if they are available in the cooler months they are usually frightfully expensive.

The artificial variety is very reasonably priced and there are many different types of artificial fruits and vegetables to keep it interesting. Secondly it can cost a lot of money to constantly replace the fruits and vegetables weekly, especially a quantity large enough to make a statement in a fruit bowl.

In the winter time the warmer indoors due to central heating can make the fresh produce ripen very quickly, this can again become very expensive.

It is much more effective to keep the majority of the fresh fruits and vegetables in the refrigeration and use artificial fruits and vegetables for display. You can get lemons, oranges, eggplants, capsicums and many others giving you plenty of options.

If you would like to find out more about, feel free to come into the shop or give me a call

- Alex 

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